We make available to you our technical and specialized personnel from operations to management, oriented to implement, provide support and manage the infrastructure of your business.

Why hire external personnel?
There are different reasons why you should think about hiring external personnel, such as an IT project for a determined length of time for operations or to substitute in-house personnel for sick leaves, because these tend to exceed financial resources. By entrusting us with these processes you can rest assured that hiring specialized personnel will be done following the requirements of your organization, and you will only need to manage your activities.


  • More competitive rates
  • Savings in management costs involving selection, training and hiring of personnel
  • More satisfied customers as a result of the skills of assigned personnel
  • Personnel focused on meeting the objectives of your projects


Telephone Agent

Trained to provide technical support over the phone, collecting inventories, basic installation of computer equipment, basic configurations, basic software installations, and preventive maintenance.

Operating Technician

Trained to diagnose and repair hardware and software issues on computer equipment. Ideal to solve incidents about corrective or preventive maintenance for your equipment.

Specialized Technician

Trained to diagnose and solve problems for hardware & software in computer equipment, networks and IT servers (third tier specialist support), as well implementing solutions resulting from IT projects.

Management or Administration

Trained personnel to perform management activities and middle management positions such as IT Manager, Systems Administrator, Operations Supervisor or Project Leader.

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