Keep your company and office safe by installing a Closed Circuit TV System, allowing you to supervise and monitor activities within your facilities.

At Migesa Soporte Integral we use the best brands and skilled technicians to deliver the best alternative to meet your needs and your budget. We have a wide array of products that are adaptable to protect large companies, as well as to offer security to micro-companies and homes.


  • Cost reduction by centralizing the security area
  • Crime prevention
  • More awareness of situations that may put you or your infrastructure at risk
  • Better control of operating work activities
  • Continuous record of people and vehicles, whether internal or external, accessing your organization
  • Flexibility in designing your solution



We can help you design a system to meet the needs of your business, using our specialized technical personnel’s skills


We have a wide array of brands and surveillance models for remote surveillance or recording


We provide support in placing your cameras and wiring with our specialized technicians


Our equipment is guaranteed against failures, plus we’re able to provide ongoing support for you to be certain of your equipment’s operation


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